We Are Starting Chance

We believe in giving children, living in poverty-stricken communities in the Western Cape, a starting chance in early childhood education!


Every rand donated online goes directly to our programmes to educate more children, support teachers/ field workers & build new schools. Learn the importance of our daily programme


All of our teachers, principals and field workers are from South Africa, many of whom have very basic training. We deliver our Training Teachers in Townships (TTINT) workshops to them.


We appoint a field worker who goes into the townships to help teachers to implement what they have learnt from our TTINT workshops. Meet field worker Joyce and her contribution in 2018.

Our Progress since 2013:

No. of children given a starting chance through TTinT and the Starting Chance project

No. of teachers trained by us

No of schools impacted by the Starting Chance programme

Schools Built and an ECD hub

No. of Grade R children given tablet training

Our Solution

Through our programmes, we’re changing the future of children by giving them a quality educational environment that's sustainable.
Ian Corbett

Ian Corbett

Starting Chance Founder

“We’re all about winning the future for the children by creating opportunity – there is no shortage of ability when you look into the eyes of children in the poor communities around Cape Town. It is opportunity they lack”. Why township children? Watch our video.

Ali Corbett

Ali Corbett

Starting Chance Founder

“By focusing on coaching, mentoring and supporting the teachers who work in this sector as well as the principals who run the Early Childhood Development (ECD) small enterprises, we uplift the quality of foundation phase education”. Learn more about the results we have seen.

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