Assessments and Monitoring

We establish a baseline, focus on improvement and monitor progress for teachers and children.

We assess reality, build on strengths, and identify key improvement areas to focus on together.

Our Approach

Individual feedback & development plans

Monthly fieldworker site assessments

Monthly performance incentives

Monthly education coordinator site visits

Sharing success by sharing learning

Assessor provides graphical feedback on progress

Upfront baseline evaluation

Annual ECERS progress evaluation

Assessment versus Managing for Peformance

Just the word “assessment” often sends shivers down our spines. It conjures up judgment, negative feedback, and feeling of failure. This is so sad and it is a mind-set we are trying to change. But we need to improve performance so how do we do it? In a township...

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Managing performance – a shop with a difference

Managing performance – a shop with a difference

Managing performance can be tricky in early childhood centres. After a year of working with our 5 schools in Mfuleni, our principals asked the question: “How do we motivate our staff to perform better?” They found that their teachers felt as though they weren’t making...

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