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Welcome to the Campus Project start_a_chance challenge – let’s get you started!

Everything you need to know and lots more to help you on your way is available here.

Our aim is simple – we have raised R1.5 million towards building the new Lonwabo Special Care Day Centre. We still need to raise:

  • R1 273 572 (equivalent to US$85 000, £70 750 or €82 200)

Our first priority will be to use all funds raised to deliver the new Lonwabo Centre and ensure we prevent its closure.

Then we need to raise a further R4 500 000 to complete the rest of the campus development to create the unique, inclusive learning environment in which Lonwabo children will be able to flourish, grow and reach for the future.

You can help us make it a reality in two ways:

What to do:
Whether you participate as an individual, team, club, school, church, business or organisation we encourage you to:

  • Come up with your own idea for an activity of any kind, plan it and tell us about it. Some ideas to get your creative juices working:
    • team building ideas
    • street party
    • games evening or day
    • obstacle course
    • climbing steps to work
    • funny hats day at work or school
    • picnic with a purpose
  • Run your event and send out a challenge to family, friends and colleagues to join you in it
  • Send out a challenge to people in your network to organise an event of their own
  • Approach sponsors or ask participants to donate to participate
  • Send the funds raised to Starting Chance.

However you choose to participate, you will be taking Thandeka one step closer to helping children on their journey well in to the future

We also encourage you to join the global Friends of Starting Chance network by clicking here:

Downloads to help you with your event:

The Campus Project start_a_chance Challenge is running through September and October 2019.

Please click here to find some material that you might find useful for your event.

After your event:


  1. Please transfer whatever funds you have raised by one of the channels reflected on our donation page here.
  2. Send us a short story about your event with pictures and video to help us spread the word. Please don’t forget to provide us with permission to use them on social media. In this way you will be helping us to reach more potential donors with a heart to make a lasting difference by creating an inclusive campus where children of all abilities can interact, grow and reach their real potential.
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