Ready for School

The goal of Starting Chance is to ensure that each child is ready for school when the time comes.

Our Approach

We believe that with ready teachers, ready parents and ready children, we will see change.




Our Parent Workshops

We are serious about education at home – very serious!


In order for our children to be ready for school, we need to change the outlook of parents so that they can provide support for their children, play with them in a meaningful way and engage with the school that their children attend.


In 2017, with the assistance of The HomeChoice Development Trust, we put together a ‘box of joy’ for every child in each of our nine schools. Inside the box was a toy or game related to each aspect of our integrated daily programme. This was the start of our parent engagement. In 2018 parents attended workshops on how to use recycled material to create games and toys to play with their children at home. In 2019 we engaged over 400 parents across 9 schools to help them give their children a better start for a better future. As part of our community development and sustainability strategy, we developed a parent teacher’s team. 1 teacher from each of our 9 schools helped to develop, plan and deliver 4 diverse, interactive workshops to parents.


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Our daily program

We have an enhanced learning programme


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A father shares his experience of giving his child a better education.



A grandmother’s dream for her grandchildren


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