School Improvements 2013 - 2014

It’s crucial to be able to monitor and evaluate progress of our 5 schools in our Starting Chance Project. It enables us to tailor make our teacher training based on weak areas. It also gives us an opportunity to feedback real information to donors.


Tablet Training since 2014

In order for our township children to compete with their counterparts around South Africa and the rest of the world, it’s imperative that our Grade R’s have the opportunity to access technology from a young age. Since 2014, we’ve trained 182 Grade R’s.

Practical Videos for Field Workers

We are developing a series of short “how to” videos that will focus on select key areas of Early Childhood Development training e.g. quiet play, box construction, music rings and painting techniques. This will become our “Practical Skills Guide” for fieldworkers in Early Childhood Development.



Online Starter Kit for Teachers

We are currently developing an online Early Childhood Development Starter Kit for teachers. It contains creative tools, daily programs and practical videos. Watch this space!

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