Shack to chic

Shack schools are selected and transformed to create excellent learning environments to grow in.

Why build schools?

More than 40% of children, under the age of five, living in the Western Cape, don’t have access to Early Childhood Development facilities.


Our Approach

We upgrade and make over the shack schools so that they comply with government regulations, but more importantly they provide a safe, secure and healthy learning environment.
Excellent learning environments



Stimulating childhood in the playground


Impact since 2013


We have built 4 schools and 1 Resource Centre.


Here is the principal of one of our adopted schools, Little Stars, telling us about her journey with Starting Chance in partnership with HomeChoice Holdings.



A teacher shares her thoughts on the changes at her shack school.



This is the story of Blooming Stars principal, Philiswa, and her shack to chic transformation. It has been told by Ali Corbett, founder of Starting Chance.

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Celebrating Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Educares supported by Starting Chance win top Provincial awards in early childhood education! Last week, teachers from two Mfuleni educares supported by Starting Chance won top awards for excellence in early childhood education. Nozipho (right) of Blooming Stars...

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Ikusasalethu – our future

What does our future look like in South Africa? Well for some pretty bleak. But for the children of Ikusasalethu and their parents the future has just got a lot brighter. Without a doubt, if we are to change the course of South Africa's future, we need to be looking...

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A Starting Chance journey – Little Stars

It all began in a classroom at the Mfuleni ECD in September 2012. Meeting with the Early Childhood Development Forum was daunting for me and for them.  I asked for volunteers to join our Starting Chance Project. I told them I could promise them nothing but my passion...

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Training and Development

to match passion with skill.

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