Shack to Chic

Shack schools are selected and transformed to create excellent learning environments to grow in.

The Solution

Excellent learning environments



Stimulating childhood in the playground


Impact since 2013

We have built 4 schools and 1 Resource Centre.

Here is the principal of one of our adopted schools, Little Stars, telling us about her journey with Starting Chance in partnership with HomeChoice Holdings.



A teacher shares her thoughts on the changes at her shack school.



This is the story of Blooming Stars principal, Philiswa, and her shack to chic transformation. It has been told by Ali Corbett, founder of Starting Chance.

Give 50 children a great start at Emmanuel Educare with Global Giving

Follow our progress by reading our blog!

Opening of Emmanuel Educare

Opening of Emmanuel Educare

Shine in your own corner: On 14th May 2019 at 10 am we opened Emmanuel Educare for 50 children and 3 teachers. It was a beautiful end to 7 years of waiting and the beginning of a wonderful new era for Principal Elizabeth and her staff, parents and children. “Emmanuel”...

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Sakhuluntu Grade-R Ready for 2019

Sakhuluntu Grade-R Ready for 2019

For Principal Marjorie running her educare is her contribution to building the rainbow nation.   An entrepreneur at heart, Marjorie used her own funds to build a shack extension which she intended to use for a Grade-R classroom. The introduction of increasingly...

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