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Thanks for deciding to join in making this project a reality by donating to this start_a_chance campaign.

Depending on where you are and what you would like to donate, there are a variety of ways to do this easily while ensuring you are able to maximise the value of your donation to the campaign and obtain any documentation you might require.

The HomeChoice Development Trust has donated R1.5 million towards building the new Lonwabo Centre. It has taken approximately two years for Starting Chance to acquire land for this project from the City of Cape Town. In that time our economy has weakened and costs have risen, so there is still much needed.

Summary of Identified Needs

These are the primary needs that have been identified for which additional support is still required:

  1. Funds and donations in-kind toward construction of the campus
    In order to complete the entire campus and realise the full benefit of the inclusivity that the campus project promises to deliver our aim is to complete the construction in a single phase, commencing with Lonwabo and the Health Care Facility. These are the main aspects for which additional funding is being sought:

    • Construction materials;
    • Civil engineering advice and site preparation;
    • Specialised equipment for inclusive outdoor play areas;
    • Synthetic grass for outdoor play areas;
    • Furniture and fittings for classrooms and walkways;
    • Lighting & sound system for Lonwabo sensory room
    • Security system for campus including camera surveillance required for licensing special care centres
  2. A bus fitted for transporting children with special needs
    The Mafilas currently start the first run to collect children attending Lonwabo from surrounding communities at 5:30am every day of the week. Help them reduce the number of trips and make sure children requiring special transport reach school safely on time.
  3. Specialised mobility equipment for children with special needs
    Optimising the mobility of children attending Lonwabo is a key step to enabling independence. Few parents can afford the specialised equipment this often requires and the repair costs should it break. Help us make sure each child has what they need, when they need it and open up the ability for them to be mobile.
  4. Medical and physio equipment and supplies for health care
    If you read books by people such as Josh Barry who has Cerebral Palsy, you will realise the crucial role that “support” plays in enabling children with special needs to reach their real potential. Properly equipped facilities in township communities are extremely rare in South Africa – help us change that.
  5. Therapist support for children with special needs
    Regular access to expertise is another crucial element in the provision of support – for children with special needs nurturing their development and self belief is key to enabling growth. Help us increase access to important people with the ability to support Lonwabo children.
  6. Soft play equipment for baby and toddler gym
    The benefit of a stimulating environment in your child’s earliest years is widely recognised by parents in more affluent areas of Cape Town. The facilities will be ideal for baby and toddler gym to be introduced to Mfuleni parents with young children.
  7. Training and Development of Lonwabo Team
    In the past year, guided by the Starting Chance fieldworker team, Thandeka’s teachers and assistants have achieved remarkable progress. They are creating a stimulating environment in which children with severe and profound mental and physical disabilities are growing and flourishing. These are crucial steps in a change process that is preparing the Lonwabo team for a new beginning.Like many involved in township education, the team itself had few educational opportunities in their childhood, but they have passion and the gift of infinite patience as they work with the children.
    For Lonwabo to flourish sustainably into the future, they will need more specialised training so that they can win and retain registration and licensing, both of which potentially release subsidies.

Options to donate:

All donors can use the Snapscan or PayFast donation links to the right (requires a credit or debit card).

Donors with South African bank accounts can donate by EFT to our bank account:
First National Bank
Current Account 625 728 02504
Hout Bay Branch (Universal Code 250655)
   (this is generally the most cost-effective option for us)

Donors with South African bank accounts can also set up a regular debit order using

Note: all donations are eligible in South Africa for tax-deductibility under section 18A. Contact us to request to receive a receipt.

Donors outside South Africa have various options:

    recommended for US citizens as you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.
    recommended for taxpayers in the UK as by using this service, we will benefit from the Gift Aid scheme (requires credit or debit card).
  • or
    recommended for UK and EU residents as it is very cost-effective and efficient.
    note: this option does not qualify for any tax benefits for donor or Starting Chance
  • SWIFT electronic transfer to our inward-SWIFT bank account:
    Mercantile Bank
    Branch Code: 450905
    Account # 4000594710

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