Jamma school principal Starting Chance


My husband got a brain tumour. It was so painful at that time. But it made me strong, because he always said, ‘You know I’m 100% supportive of whatever you are doing, so you have to be strong.’ At that time he was lying there in the hospital bed, and he said to me, ‘Be strong, be strong. Go to school. Do whatever it takes to be where you want to be.’ I said OK. I didn’t understand that he was going to die and leave me at that time. After some time, the doctors told me that they had done everythiRead More

Princess Mfuleni Township school principal Starting Chance


“We must be united. Where there is unity there is love. Where there is love, there is understanding of each other. And when you are united nobody can split you. If we act, we act together.I always say to my children, I am your role model, leave this world having lived well. The world will treat you better if you treat the world better."Read More

Vinolia Starting Chance pricipal


Education is very important. If I didn't go to school how could I upgrade my crèche? I’m still studying and I gain a lot, you can't do anything if you don't have someone to teach you the things you don’t know. I’m finishing level four and starting level 5 in July. Sometimes I complain ‘ooh my eyes I can't see’, and the teacher at the college laughs at me and says ‘Vinolia this is not an old age home’ – she’s so nice, she says I’m very clever.Read More


Go through whatever difficulties will be along the way; and there will be some because a journey is a journey, and journeys have difficulties. But stand up and be yourself. Our families, our marriage, our kids – they let us down, but don’t hang on to that. Go out, walk tall, smile and shine, and you will see the stars. Because there are always stars. Never give up – whatever you’re dreaming, never give up.Read More

Principal in Mfuleni Township


I love to see the preschool children graduating to go to school. Some of the children that we are teaching are now working or are in the universities. Some of the schools phoned us when our children started Grade R to thank us for the good job we’re doing – they said the children are brilliant. You become very excited when you get a call like that telling you you’re doing a good job. That makes you strong and anxious to do more, you know? To be trained and to love the children more because you kRead More


Every soul that is on earth came from a woman. The whole nation depends on women. If women are just sitting and doing nothing, there won’t be any change. There won’t be any progress; nothing will happen if we are doing nothing. So as women we must stand up, look at the opportunities, and do something.Read More